Modellauto vor der Kamera

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Image Film

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Jens S. Achtert


To film a 1 to 18 replica car as real as possible means to clean everything 18 times more often than with a real car, because every dust or scratch is 18 times bigger than in a 1:1 car. Only by one little piece of dust your whole shot is ruined because the illusion failed. So I spend almost one day in cleaning and cleaning and cleaning – and only two or three hours in shooting that replica car by help of an motorized camera slider. The light effects on the car are some so-called „film burns“ that I slowed down to 50% speed to give the film a kind of old school look. First I want to use a DSLR camera like 5D Mark III, but in the end I only used a professional camcorder from Canon (XH-G1), that works perfect for that film.

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Miniatur Autos oder Modelle machen mehr Arbeit vor der Kamera als man denkt. Dieses 1:18 Modellauto des berühmten Crysler ist zudem in schwarz lackiert. Jedes Staubkörnchen wird deshalb um ein vielfaches größer dargestellt und zerstört die Illusion. Der verkleinerte Maßstab verlangt höchste Präzision.

Mehr Informationen zu meiner Arbeit gibt es im Studio-Blog.