Photographic stills for advertisement

BUSINESS PORTRAITS: The most fascinating work for me is the photographic discussion with people, particularly at their work. By the arrangement of less elements and the deliberate application of the available light I can refer straight to activity, position and statement.

It is a challenge for me over and over again to include as quickly as possible the given situation on site in the picture, because for the right photo in the right mood only a few moments at which „everything fits“ often remain to me. Natural pictures are my speciality. I know how to provide a kind of security, so the people fast open themselves in front of the camera.

FASHION & BEAUTY: Often it is forgotten that there´s a big team  for the job – not one photographer only. Clothes and suitable accessories must be put together, ironed, and prepared. Locations and studios must be organised.

The models must be casted and booked. The makeup must be done, as well as hair styling. And of course the client must be cared always optimally. That´s why we offer a whole network of makeup artists, actors, models and stylists.


It´s hard work to upgrade something into an design object: only by perfectly light and still even more perfectly shades. Already Mr. Goethe knew: „Where a lot of light, there is a strong shade“.

This is for me always an incomparable experience if objects start to shine in my camera.  A sparkling light which I will also generate with pleasure for your product shots.

STILLS: My deep love for structure and rim light – or my special passion to discover in small things tallness and in the big little details. The photographers who take photos of products with pleasure are never in the spotlight themselves, but always their work is.

Every material, every structure, every form – they all ask for the best light. Preferentially I use light systems of Briese, Dedo Weigert and Hensel – and of course so much daylight as possible.